About Me


My name is Bethany.  I am a mother to two beautiful children, Hannah and Nolan.  I am a daughter of the King, in pursuit of the freedom Jesus intended for us.

In my life I have faced many challenges.  I have faced fear, betrayal, shame, and guilt.  I have dealt with the consequences of sin and lack of faith.  Physically I have suffered from unhealthy eating habits and emotionally I have been drained, depressed, anxious, hopeless.  Although I was raised in a “Christian” environment, I never experienced life abundant.  But I knew that what I was living, how I was feeling – it was not God’s plan for me, not what He wanted for me.  So one day I made the decision to say “no” to fear and hopelessness.  Jesus rescued me from my depression and gave me fresh life, and the ability to make choices.

I found emotional healing through the Word of God, the church family, counseling, and facing my problems.  Physically, I learned the value of healthy eating habits and was introduced to a company called Solle Naturals, which changed my quality of life drastically for the better.  I found myself not only free from depression and anxiety but also from unexplained skin rashes, fatigue and lethargy, heavy and painful periods, and intense mood swings.  I learned what it was like to feel energetic and hopeful and alive and grateful.  I learned how to love my body through exercise and nutrition.

Now I want to keep walking this journey encouraging and uplifting others – other hearts chasing freedom.