Do You Choose Life?

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I was listening to a podcast today by Erwin McManus of Mosaic church.  He has a lot of good sermons that really get me thinking.  And here was a quote that stuck with me:

“God wants to choose hope for you when you choose despair, He wants to choose a future when you choose the past, He wants to choose health when you choose brokenness, God wants to choose the best of you even when you choose the worst of you. When you want to give up, God wants to choose you getting up, and He wants to be there in every moment of your life…so you have to choose to live. The choice is yours.

Care enough about your own life to choose life. Stop blaming other people for the choices they make and start making choices now that create a different future for YOU.”

The power of choice is so key in our lives.  Erwin McManus describes it: “every choice you make is a sacred act.”  He goes on to encourage us to choose life.  I think I heard this often in church, but I was never really sure WHAT it meant to “choose life”.  But Jesus says that He IS the way, the truth, and the life.  So to choose life – you choose Jesus.  Choose Jesus when you don’t understand.  Choose Jesus when it’s hard.  Choose Jesus when it seems illogical, counter cultural, dangerous.  Because He chose us.  He chose us when it wasn’t fair.  He chose us when it cost Him, hurt Him, pained Him.  Still, He chose us.

I know it’s not as easy as it sounds – to choose life.  To choose the One who holds life in His hands.  Because sometimes it’s a choice between Him and comfort, Him and perceived security, Him and convenience.  I have clung to what I thought was safe for so long – only to realize in the end that what I thought I was holding on to was actually holding on to me.  And that thing was fear.  And it ruled me and dominated my life and my choices until I wasn’t living anymore – I was just existing.

So when I say choose life, I understand what that might seem like to you.

Choose it anyway.

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